Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Ebay chaos.... It's really getting to me...

This are getting a bit crazy now that I've started to sell stuff from my packrat years again... It's seems I'm forced to seel about 40 items a week and it still seems that it will take forever...

It's annoying to get stupid questions from people asking me stuff that is the description or common knoledged and I have to visit the post office nearly daily to spend the packages...

The worst part is I don't feel like well... consuming! Since I've been selling stuff for so long I don't really like buying stuff because I wonder if I'll be forced to sell my stuff again soon...

I can't even think of anything I'll want for Xmas, I just think I'll probably get tired of it and sell it later....

The worst part is, it's seems I'll have to rewatch movies and replay games just to see if I still like them, and I don't really have time for that...

If I'm so busy why am I wasting time posting this, you ask? Because it takes a while for the photos of the items to upload to Ebay and I can't really think of anything to do until they are uploaded... :P
Tags: ebay

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