Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Metroid is not at it's prime, it's corrupted even!

Nintendo should probably have released Metroid Prime 3 BEFORE Orange Box, because after playing such an awesome game as Portal Metroid seems lame....

Come to think of it, I probably never liked the 3D Metroids to begin with, I sold the DS one and I've never beaten any of the Gamecube ones... I nearly beat the new one but the last boss is just too frustrating for me, three forms and a timer? No way, Jose! I guess the aiming is OK, but when you have to fight a boss that you need to hit on the back that moves pretty fast was and is floating in the air? It doesn't cut it!

The game was an inner struggle between my Nintendo fanboy and reason, I just didn't want to admit I didn't like an Nintendo game...

But I don't like 3D Metroids! The DS one felt like Quake and the new one feels like Halo!

Sorry Nintendo, but I'm not playing a Metroid game again if you keep making them "hardcore", which translates to frustrating and no fun...

Well, at least I can sell this one and use the money to buy Mario Galaxy....
Tags: gaming
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