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What I've playing lately: Me & My Katamari!

WOW! I can't believe how busy I've been, I only had a few hours free yesterday which was just enough to beat Me & My Katamari for PSP.

For those who don't know the game, I'll give a brief summary: You are the Prince of the Cosmos and you'll meet animals that will come to your Father, the King of the Cosmos,  with a request for an island. The Prince has something called a Katamari, which is ball to which... stick!
You begin tiny and so you stick more and more things to your Katamari, you grow and grow until you complete the requirements. Then the Katamari is turned into an island.

This game might need some adjusting to since it feels weird to play with the PSP controls, as a matter of fact, your thumbs might start to hurt if you play for too long, but you'll get used to it after a few stages.

Oddly enough, it's harder in the begging, mostly because you are so tiny that you have to dodge everything that's bigger than you. When you get bigger it's more of trying to find something you HAVEN'T rolled up, specially when you're big enough to roll up islands!

The game is quite fun and funny, specially if you pay attention to the message from the King and to what you roll up!

The main problem the game has is it's repetetiveness, it technically takes place in the SAME area, except you don't really notice until you get bigger, and there are several variations, you can play the same stage in the summer, winter, fall, day, night, dusk... And some items change place a little.

Did this bother me? Oddly enough, no, the game is addictive and since it's mostly the same level, you already now what to do, and every  few levels you get a special requests stage where you get to do something more original.

What I really loved is the ending! During the credits you play a 2D Katamari game with a retro 8-Bit look!  X3

So basically, it's fun to play and I recommend it, although it would be even BETTER if it had a bit more of variety, and since you can find it used for 10€, it's a good deal too! ;)
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