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Ebay stuff?


Previous Entry Ebay stuff? Nov. 8th, 2007 @ 01:18 pm Next Entry
Now that I'm going to sell stuff on Ebay, my free time is even smaller than before...

Since I don't have time to make a full list of what I'm going to sell, I've uploaded the photos of what I'll sell this weekend at flickr, were you should be able to tell which game it is and ask me later if you are interested in it...

Photos are here

I always set them start automatically on Sunday 17:30 GMT +1, so you have until then to decide whether you want anything you see or not...

This is just the start, I'll probably be selling stuff from my packratting years for a few months... a few VERY stressful months.... -_-U

PS: I have some freebies, most of them are those PC games that come with magazines, I'll have to check to see if they are in Spanish or not later...

But I do have a defective copy of Scary Go Round Heavy Metal Hearts & Flowers, which has 3 blank pages in the beginning, so if anybody buys something from me you can ask for a freebie...

Oh yeah, I haven't decided the prices yet, but most are about 1-5€, unless it's a rare item... ^_^;
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