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What have I done?!?

Lately I've always gotten phone calls for jobs in the exact moment I am away, yet close enough to NOT carry my cell phone...

The last lost call was for a job also, they told me had already started the interview, and they would call me if they had some applicant left. I assumed they wouldn't call me again, but they did half an hour later...

They told me to get there ASAP, and when I got there I found out that it was a (ominous thunder) TEMP JOB AGENCY!

I'm not sure if other countries have them, but there are an agency that simply pays you chicken feed for getting crappy jobs that only last a short period of time and then give you another. So....

For 10 days starting tomorrow I will have to work as a stock boy in Makro, some sort of mega supermarket, from 6:00 to 11:00AM, for 19.95 € a day...

What does this mean? For starters, I'll be making less money, but I'll finally be in Social Security again. I have read a few pamphlets on security and food handling, and wear a uniform. I also have to wake up ever earlier than I already do!

What worries me now is not only will I be able to do it, but also will I have to work for my father the moment I get home, I only worked to help them out and make some money there while looking for a job, I could use the extra money and they could use the extra help, but would it be wise to do two extremely phyisical jobs at a time?

On a final note, I promised myself the moment I got my first paycheck from a REAL job, I would make an online donation to a webcomic artist, wether the donation would be monthly or only once, to the same artist or another one each time, or if it would be big or small would depend on the job... And even though I'm getting paid chicken feed I fill keep my promise!

I bet you know who's getting it! *wink*
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