Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

What I've playing lately: Hot Pixel... isn't so hot....

I haven't talked much my PSP lately, but I definitely do NOT regret getting it! I already have a pretty decent collection!

But there is ONE game I regret buying, and that game is Hot Pixel. Which is why I should really talk about it.

It supposed to be Wario Ware rip-off, so what could go wrong? Plenty!

It is a Wario Ware rip-off, but not a very good one, the variety in game is minimal, there are probably 20 variations of just the little blue dot game. The urban hip hop look classes with the pixelly look of the game, and... it just doesn't feel right...

The mini games are trying to be as zany as Wario Ware, but something is missing. Is the hip hop look ruining the zaniness? Is it the lack of zany music and sound effects? I don't know, but I really wanted to like it, but I didn't...

Wario Ware is short, but this is even shorter, after about an hour the game didn't seem to have anything to offer, it claimed to have more stuff if you got enough medals, but after getting some nothing happened and I just... gave up...

So... avoid this game, it's not worth it..
Tags: games
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