Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

The Up and Downs of Digital Download Distribution

I feel like ranting.... :P

Digital downloads are becoming more and more common these days. So far, only audio (audiobooks and music) and software (games and utilities) are available for a price, movies and TV shows and comics are trying to do this with relative success...

But why do we buy them digitally? I love to hold something I've purchased, and to see that it's there, tangible and visible, but... things are changing...

The main benefit of digital distribution is that more money goes directly to the creators, since the don't have to pay someone to produce, transport and sell the item. So if you want to support the creators, getting a digital copy instead of a physical one does seem like the way to go.

Another benefit, is that most of the people who provide digital content will allow you to re-download it if you lose the file. I'm pretty sure a store won't give another copy just people you're disc is old and worm and won't play anymore...

And of course, they only take up your hard drive, not your shelves, so if you don't have much room, it's also a good idea!

But it's not perfect.... It's not either good or bad, but a digitally distributed item usually stays at the same price (at least longer than a retail item would), but it also STAYS there, it will never be out of stock!

But the biggest problem is, once you get something trough this method, you're stuck with it! If you buy a game at a store, you can sell it, but who would buy a digital file that easily available elsewhere?

It's obvious this method will not take over, because people will always buy the retail item, because they want to hold it, or because they will sell it when they are done with, or if they just don't like it....

Of course, this is slightly different with stuff like Virtual Console or Live Arcade, who provide retro games. When you buy a used old game in a store NONE of that money goes to the makers of that game, while most of it does for Virtual Channel and Live Arcade. Think about that the next time you buy a used game...

But this also means buying a used game is the perfect way to NOT support a company, so if you hate a company, but their stuff used so they don't get their hands of your money! ;P

So what do you think about digital distribution

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