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LAN Party Part II!

The LAN party didn't go as well as it should have, I brought Unreal Tournament, but we just couldn't get into a multiplayer LAN game, so we had to plat DOOM again, at least I kicked their butts...

Today I had a job interview at Warner Bros. Movie Park, I woke way too early and left at 7:30 AM, and yet... I was late...

Why on Earth didn't they tell me that the train only passes HOURLY? Then I had to wait another hour and a half to get a personal interview...

Just to tell me that they'll call me when a job that fits my profile arises. Bah, considering that somedays I'd leave so late there would no means of transport availible to return, I'll be glad if they don't call me...

Incidentally, the rooms there are named after Warner characters, the room were they did they presentation was called "Iron Giant"... Beacuse you'll be just a cog in the soul-less machine?

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