Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I'm usually a merry and mellow man, but mess with my mail.... and I get... POSTAL!

Want to get me angry? Be an incompetent mailman!

I don't know why, but they keep changing the mailman for my sector, and the latest one is terrible!

He keeps leaving notices saying nobody was home at "X" hour... "X" hour is left BLANK! Which means that he or she never intended to leave the package in the first and didn't even bother to ring the bell...

Which means I have to waste almost an HOUR of time because the mailman was too lazy to ring my bell!

But it gets WORSE! This time he lied about the DATE! The paper said he (or she) was here yesterday, which meant I could pick it up today, well, guess what? After the guy at the counter spent 30 minutes looking for the package we figured that the mailman had the package with him TODAY, which means we BOTH wasted our time.

Which is good in the sense the guy at the counter got mad and is going to call my mailman and give him a good talking to, and hopefully he'll (or she'll) either shape up or ship out!

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