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LAN Party Part I !


Previous Entry LAN Party Part I ! Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 03:42 pm Next Entry
My PC repairment class has ended, more or less, and to celebrate we are having a LAN party!

I brought a few games yesterday, unfortunately non of the Worms games I brought worked without the CD so we couldn't play it on multiplayer, so we player Ultimate Doom instead! (I wish I could have played Womrs on multiplayer. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

WOAH! The last time I played this game I got my butt kicked and this time I actually "pwned" for quite a while, and I don't even play this game! I was in 1st place all the way until we reached a pit like level. And then the carnage began....

My teacher found a hidden rocket launcher and in minutes went from last place to first! The level was so huge one you got out of the pit you'd just get lost and never see anyone!

Luckly for me I found the good ol' BFG 9000 near the respawn place, with it I managed to get 2nd place at least...

Speaking of "pwing"....

I may not be there when you see it since it's a global list, but I am right not ranked in the Top 100 (95 to be exact) of this cool little space shooter I just beat, I'll write a mini review when I have time. Oh and look for "Mike", not "Tanukitsune" in the score list!

Today we will finish the LAN party, and this time I've tested the games and I know the won't ask for the CD...

Also I seem to also get call for jobs at 13:30, and at that moment I am cleaning my father's shop, I don't even know who called!

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