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What I've played lately (Halloween Edition!): Rule of Rose

Since it's Halloween it's the perfect time to play survival horror games!

Rule of Rose is a very Silent Hill-esque game, in the sense that it's every thing is some sort of clue to the mystery of your character.

In this case, the character is Jennifer, when we first meet her, she's riding a bus (this game takes place in 1930, did they even have buses back then?) to an unknown destination, when a kid gives her a story book and runs away. You follow the kid and end up in an abandoned orphanage, yet you hear creepy laughter and see some kids creep around. When you catch up with the kid you get captured and wake up in a...

Zeppelin? It seems you've been forced in to a a kid's group called the Aristocrats Club, and it seems every single kid in it is insane, but not creepily insane.

You get kinda creeped out by the previous part, but from this part it just gets... disturbing, but not too disturbing in my opinion, you will meet monsters but you can avoid 99% of them and don't have to fight them unless it's a boss or they lock you into a room and force you to fight.

You'll soon find a dog you meet in the intro who will be your faithful companion.. and the only thing you'll use during 90% of the game, once you meet him, the game turns into a "follow the scent" game. You find an item, the dog follows the scent, but... They didn't get the scent following simulation, right. Sometimes the dog will just go towards the item, and if there is chasm, or if it's on the other side of a wall, he'll lead you to a dead end, which i usually full of monsters. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen, when following a scent you should travel the same route the item did!

You can also search for food items or items to trade for food and secret items that unlock other secrets... But that's not really necessary. This is the EASIEST survival horror game I've ever played. I only got killed once out of cockiness. ONCE! True, I did have just enough items to beat the game, but I didn't bother to stop to scavenge for food.

The enemies are kinda dumb, which is good because you control TERRIBLY specially in combat. Thank god the game is easy,  you can get a gun in the game, but you do not need it, which tells you how easy the game really is.

The story is interesting, but it has way too many holes in the plot, when you finish this kind of game everything should make sense, but now I have even more questions.

Since this game is easy and short, you might want to rent it, since it doesn't have much replay value, you can dress up the little girl in new costumes after beating it, like in most survival games, but that's about it
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