Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

A quick question? Best Backup Option?

A recently heard that a good way to keep your data safe is to get an external HDD, and I've heard they make them now specially for backups and everything...

Does anybody do this? Or at least think it's a good idea?

My sis can get me this model pretty cheap! :3

Ironically, the last time I lost all my data when was I tried to make a backup...

Have you ever heard of programs like Starforce and similar which make sure you aren't using an illegal copy of the software they protect?
It is said that they will mess your PC and HDD if you try to run a CD recording program..

I tried to make a backup into a CD, and you can only guess what happened.... TT 3 TT

One thing I don't know is whether you should have the external HDD plugged in only when needed or all the time?

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