Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

More Halloweeny talk! Audiobooks and games?

I just realized I'll soon have 4 credits at Audible, which means I can get four audiobooks this month! The thing is which audiobooks?

I'm thinking of getting some horror books, but I already have Poe and Lovecraft in print and I wouldn't mind having them in audio form, but this would be a good occasion to get something new! Any suggestions? :3

I realized I have quite a few survival horror games that I haven't played yet, Rule of Rose, RE 4 Wii, and the rest of the series except RE 1, I also have Silent Hill 4 and Obscure unplayed... and probably a few more... So I guess I could play survival horror games all month! :3

Also by tomorrow afternoon I'll know whether I can get Candy Corn or not! X3
Tags: halloween

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