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This meme doesn't work...

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. daphne blake score: 7
2. fred jones score: 6
3. shaggy score: 5
4. norville rogers score: 4
5. shaggy rogers score: 3
6. adam and joe score: 2
7. .hack// score: 2
8. josh duhamel score: 2
9. bridget jones diary score: 2
10. samurai pizza cats score: 2
11. pez dispensers score: 2
12. hanna barbera score: 2
13. hanna-barbera score: 2
14. muppet babies score: 2
15. coolsville score: 2
16. pirates of dark water score: 2
17. metal slug score: 2
18. violets score: 2
19. knightmare score: 2
20. linda cardellini score: 2

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Close but no cigar, I'm a VELMA DINKLEY fan, not a Daphne Blake one! I have no idea who Josh Duhamel is, I didn't like Briget's diary that much...
Pez? We don't even have those here!
Violets? Coolsville? Knightmare? Adam and Joe? What on Earth do they mean?
I hate /hack!

They only got the last one right....

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