Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Pixel Pondering: It's been about a year since I started doing art... :3

Wow, I can't believe I started doing pixel art over a year ago! I think I've improved over the year... at least I hope I have!

It's funny how I think every single pixel artist on Deviant Art is better than me, yet I feel like my art does look better than the few "pixel cartoonists" out there... Of course, they have all their art in brushes and barely do anything new ever...

This is main reason I want to do short stories, because when I start a new story everything is new, and even though by the end it might be more copy and pasty, when it's over, I probably won't use the character for a while and maybe by the next time I use some characters from a story I'll be a little better and feel like redoing them again!

I still consider myself a novice stumbling in the dark, but I do feel like some sort of oddity, a pixel freak of nature! I don't think there are any pixel artists who do pixel art every day, sure those are better than me, but I do pixel art ever day hoping to reach their level!

It also seems pixel art is the "easiest" for me to do, for some reason, when I try to doodle normally I get distracted, and even though pixel art takes longer, I don't seem to mind spending hours doing it!

I think I know why this happens... My brains sees pixels and thinks of old games and actually pays attention and concentrates... ^_^;

If I could find a way to trick my brain into thinking drawing with a Wacom as a game, I'd probably be able to do digital drawing... CURSE MY SHORT .... Hmm, what was I talking about? :P

I'm still surprised to see people way more talented than me saying they really love my stuff, of course, specially since I consider everybody I know more talented than me! XP

Anyway, thank you guy and gals for liking my art ! And here's hoping I'll have half the talent you do by next year! X3
Tags: pixel

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