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What I've played lately: Drawn to Life, Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Super Paper Mario and Star Fox DS

Drawn to Life:

Everybody loves this game, but I have no idea why... As a platform game it's generic and monotonous, and way too easy too boot, except for the final boss, and nobody likes it when the game is easy but the final boss is hard! The variety in enemies is very small, you get these small mousies called Baki in  every level, shadow creatures and if you're lucky a new character for that world.

Since the game has only 16 levels in 4 worlds (Ice, Water, Forest and City how original!), it ends VERY quickly, specially if you get tired of the art section, but I'll talk about that in the end. Between level you have VERY ANNOYING fetch quests, you have to run around town and talk to someone and then back to the person you first spoke too....  When was this ever fun?

The game itself if very mediocre, I've played indie freeware game that are much better than this full priced game, except everybody  will scream "BUT YOU GET TO CREATE YOUR OWN CHARACTER! THAT'S AWESOME!"...

Yes... You get to create your own character, and you get to create several things in the game... with a very mediocre art program! Even the Animal Crossing one was better! Yes, you could create something... adequate with the program but the time invested in it will seem like a waste when you see it move. The character loses detail and it's buggy, you'll see hole in your character when you shouldn't...

And you don't really have freedom to create your own character, you practically have to use their own patterns or you'll be in trouble later, because if your character doesn't fit the pattern, the game doesn't care and it will look like it's hovering...

So you don't really have freedom or room for creativity to make your hero, maybe creating items is fun?

HELL NO! The first you create is a platform, mine was a burger, and it looked odd even after I actually put some effort in it... 5 minutes later they asked me to make ANOTHER ONE! Every five minutes they FORCE you to draw something, but most of the time it's a variation of something you just did and you usually just have to COLOR something in!

Stay away from this game! Specially if you're an artist, maybe a 10 year old might like it... But you'd be more satisfied if you got yourself an game maker and made your own game than playing this horrid game!

Star Fox Command:

BLEH! Who put strategy in the game? I never played Star Fox until I got the Gamecube one, but I got Star Fox 64 on the Virtual Channel and it's awesome... this.. is not! It's a strategy game with a turn limit and when you intercept and enemy you enter an action stage, a monotonous action stage where you must hunt down a certain enemy and ignore the rest, who kinda ignore you too.

Sometimes you have to destroy missiles or mother ships... by flying through squares... ¬_¬

Not as bad as Drawn to Life, but I don't recommend it!

Super Paper Mario:

You may remember that this game was going to come out for the Gamecube, but it was so late in it's life the did it for the Wii...

It did feel.... weird... You no longer have friends like koopas and Boos join your troop, you have Pixls instead, but Pixls just give the powers you were given in the previous game, except now you can only use one at a time...

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it's more platform and less RPG than ever? It's didn't bother me, but it felt weird...

I feel like they dumbed down the game for the Wii audience, since it was very easy...

But it's was FUN! I haven't laughed this much since I played the new Sam & Max games! It might be easy and feel weird, but it was WORTH IT!

Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland:

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! This game has a half naked man wearing nothing that a speedo that builds bridged and does a pelvic thrust dance.... Need I say more? He goes "BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" dammit!

This game kinda explains how Tingle came to be... I can't tell you much without spoiling it, but as you can guess from the title it's ALL ABOUT RUPEES! Rupees are your life, literally! If you lose all your money, you DIE!

This game is even funnier than Super Paper Mario, and more challenging!

I hope the US will get this game, because I loved it! X3
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