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Zany festivities in Spain...

You have probably heard of San Fermin, the day they let bulls run on the street of Pamplona. but that is just the tip os the iceberg...

-The "Tomatina" takes place in the village of Buñol, where they have a tomato throwing war and everybody gets covered in tomatoes...

-"Fallas", in Valencia were they makes these funny sculptures, like the ones you'd see in a parade, but they burn them in the end...

-Many small villages have the custom of... Throwing a goat off a church bell tower... Yeah , I know... ¬_¬

-"Fiesta de la Espuma", foam party, it takes place in many village and cities, they usually with a bull fighting arena with foam and unleash a bull in it, sometimes there is no bull and sometimes they just fill a discotheque with foam... :P

On a personal note, I got a job interview tomorrow! Wish me luck!
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