Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

My pirate-y idea! X3

Ooh... I think I've decided how the pirate game I'm making for Talk Like a Pirate Day is going to be!

.... It's going to have a pirate kitten, not a LOLkitty though!

It's basically going to be some sort of Arkanoid / Breakout clone, where the kitty bounce off it's ship.... which is a pie shaped (pie-rate, get it?)

And the "booty" will be tasty yumminess! X3

And here is were I need a bit of feedback...

Is it pirate-y enough or should I turn the items into gold and diamonds and stuff? I could also give some of the food item eye patches and bandanas maybe? Would it feel to wrong to eat food with a face? Since it's an arakanoid clone the items should take more than one hit, which is why I chose food since each hit could be a bite, and seeing a cookie half eaten with a face.... I dunno...

I'd really appreciate if anybody know where I get free watery / beachy / piratey music, legally, of course and kitty sounds too!

I'll probably start doing for pixel art for it before going to bed unless everybody thinks it's a bad idea...
Tags: game maker, pixel

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