Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

What I've played lately: Okami, Outlaws and Yume...

I finally got my hand on Okami and it's just and marvelous as I heard! It kinda felt like a Zelda game, but maybe that's why I liked it?

The only thing that bothered is the fact that the game had several "fake endings" in the sense is that they make you fight a super boss that you'd think was the last boss of the game, but it's just the end of the chapter.... and that you have to fight them all again at the end... T_T

The most awesome part? The Deity doggy dynamite deals dynamite doodies! Yes, you have an exploding poo attack! XD

Outlaws is one of the few Lucasarts games from the era when they did good games which I didn't play, and it had Max from Sam & Mac hidden in it. Considering I hate westerns, I liked the game a lot! But the Max cameo is very disapointing... It was just a drawing of him in cowboy duds that moved around....

Yume is a game I must talk about, only to mention that you should keep away from it at all cost! The game is mediocre and meant for little kids, but the controls are so terrible and the game is so hard that you'll give up soon...or cheat like I did... I guess there was a reason it was in the budget bin...
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