Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Kitchen Kaos #2: Friendly feline food

I bet you all forgot about Kitchen Kaos, didn't you?

I wanted to introduce Tina, the friendly cat food who loves hug, but doesn't know getting glomped but a tin can hurts...

But goddammit! X-Brand grew on me while doing it! He looks so nervous and paranoid that he might be the "target" of some jokes in the future!

And yeah, I'm still learning. Two thing I should learn fast:
-Onomatopoeias. I need a better font for them, and I need to the different sound effect bubbles

-It's not exactly learning, but I think I could do with a better font?

Also, I think I might be able to do one a week? I dunno...
Tags: kitchen kaos, pixe
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