Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,


I almost said that if someone actual important died the same day as a celebrity or sports "hero" the second would take priority...

Well, I was right... I'm watching the Spanish news and some Spanish soccer player died the same day as Fransisco Umbral, I've never heard the soccer player's name before and STILL he was the first and most important news they had!

I don't want to take away the tragedy of their deaths, but WHAT THE HELL? I didn't read Umbral's work, but he was a very important writer in Spain, and the soccer player was from the Seville team, which isn't famous to start with...

Sigh.... I just now that if someone find the cure for cancer, AIDS AND world hunger, if Paris Hilton sneezes the day that person died you know what would be the main story.... ¬_¬

Yes, the soccer player is more tragic and therefore, newsworthy, because he was young, but still.... It feels so wrong..

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