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Bloody Bureaucracry! Part II!

After an hour and a half in the local registry, I was told I need a certificate with my full name, unfortuntely, it appears that in Canada, you don't keep you mother's surname, while in Spain your name has your both your parents surname...

My mother wouldn't be too happy if I got rid of her surname, and I wouldn't feel right doing so. Hopefully my Baptism Certificate has my "full" name, although I doubt it since I baptized in Canada...

They said I should go to *ominous thunder* CENTRAL REGISTRY OFFICE! That is the real deal! You could spend the whole day there, but I doubt they have my full name...

I guess I'll keep this name after all...

After that I had to go to the Police Office to order a new ID card before it expired, but that was almost enjoyable compared to the registry...

I'm definitely going to think about what to do next, but there is no way I'm going to the Central Registry Office tomorrow, or this week even! I'd go bonkers!
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