Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

I CAN HAS COMIC? Detecitve LOLCat Page 8! THE END!

I may have changed several ideas, but one thing I did not want to change, the last panel HAD to be celing cat! And if you don't get it, masticate means chewing and rhymes with... sometimes else....

And yes, there is a cheezburger fairy who brings burgers to all the good kitties in the world! =P

And... that's it, the end of the tale of Detective LOLCat! Hopefully you won't kill me for this ending...

I do plan on doing more comics, but not with Detective LOLCat, but who know maybe in the future I'll have a new LOLCat comic?

Whatever it is, it won't be so nonsensical! :P
Tags: detective lolcat, lolcats, pixel
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