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What I played while I was away....

Death Jr and the Science Fair of Doom (DS):
Damn was this game rushed or what? I haven't played the series before, but I definitely didn't like the game. First they try to create a group of kids monster without trying to use the cliche "drak pak", you know, a vampire, a werewolve and a Frankenstein monster, instead we have Death Jr, who is a decent character and the hero of the game Pandora, who is obsessed with boxes, which I found kinda witty, but the rest of the troupe... An armless legless guy stuck in a jar... a stigmata girl called Stigmartha, and a siamese twin scientist co-joined by their heads... the characters felt... uninspired... or forced...

The game was rushed obviously, it only had four worlds and the variety of enemies isn't much to look for... It looks like one of those game where you gain new abilities and use them to reach new areas, but it's not, it's LINEAR! You only need to back track for rescuing friends to unlock stuff like multiplayer levels and upgrades that you don't need since it's a very simple game...

Since the first boss is a giant fat farting hamster I guess this was meant for kids... with no taste?

Kim Possible: Global Gemini (DS):
The GBA Kim Possible games are actually kinda nice, they had very nice graphics and fluid animations, but they had to go 3D in the new ones and did it pretty bad... Ron's in the game, but he didn't have to, it's just makes you play the same area with a different character making it monotonous.

Another thing they REALLY screwed up is the bosses. Guess what you do when you encounter them? YOU RACE THEM!

The game also has some "bonus stages" which are "V.R." an excuse to use cheap backgrounds and have more levels, and the bonus stages are actually harder than the normal stages!

But the final nail in the coffin is the "rating" system... You know have to get a good rating on ALL levels to play the final level. The normal levels are easy, but the "V.R." ones and the racing ones? Forget about it! Besides the "cut scenes" are just still images and the ending is probably a still image of the villain cursing K.P....

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales (DS):
I was expecting a light hearted RPG without the angst and drama the J-RPGs seem to have nowadays... I got a bunch of minigames...

And I loved them!

The game is simple! A black mage has found a book that is really an evil creature which has captured all your chocobo friends and trapped them in story books, which are stories from our world with Final Fantasy characters. You must enter the storybook and play a minigame to save them! Unfortunately you have to play the mini game several times to unlock evertyhing, but it has different difficulty levels.

It's also a card game, but you don't play cards that much, I think there are less then 10 battles in the whole game?

Sure you get to hear 100 remixes of the chocobo theme and other FF themes, but the graphics look great, which made the other games look even worse...
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