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Psychonauts rock and I rock at Psychonauts!

I decided to re-play Psychonauts again, and I've definitely gotten better at it! I reached rank 20 before Sasha's level and now I'm over rank 75 and I just beat the Milkman's Conspiracy getting ALL the items in each level!

It's looks great on the TFT monitor and I'm seeing stuff I've missed before and understanding the plot ever better than before...

I will probably finish it in a day or two and continue playing what I left...

Right now, I'm watching a "kiddie" kung fu movie, with little kids that kick butt, I've forgotten how fun they are! Then again I didn't that american movie, what was the name? "The 3 Little Ninjas"?

Sigh, I just decided about this GPS/PDA thing, maybe I will get a fancy one?
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