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Bacon is yummy!

Ever since I started working at my father's butcher shop, I've begun to dislike meat more and more. I don't like red meat unless it's ground into a patty, and I was beginning to worry if I was becoming a vegetarian, which isn't something wrong but awkward when your father is a butcher....

So I decided to make me a grilled bacon and cheese sandwich! Hmm-mmm! Uber tasty!

Then again... Bacon is a vegetable....

I felt a retro this weekend, so I played of one my favorite old school games ever, the Parodius series!

I always love a dash of humor in my games and Parodius is pure comedy! It's a parody of the Gradius series, and it look the same if it weren't for the fact that you can play as a penguin or an octopus and of course the original Vic Viper and Twin Bee. The enemies are the wierdest thing ever, the bosses are the American Bald Eagle, with an american top hat, a pirate cat ship, which is not a ship full of cats, but a ship that IS a cat! And like any space shooter it has the 40 foot invincible cabaret dancer!

I also love the music, if it's not a silly remix of a Gradius theme, it's actual CLASSIC music! If it weren't for this game I probably wouldn't like classic music. And on the moon stage you actually listen to classical japanese music. One time I ate a japanese restaurant and heard a familiar tune, it was the music I just mentioned!

I actually had three editions of this game, the SNES one, the GameBoy one and the one I played, the "Deluxe Edition" for PSOne that comes with the sequel, Fantastic Journey, which are both perfect ports of the original arcade games...

Since space shooters are short, I played the sequel too. This time you have even more wacky characters, the newcomers are a mambo fish, a angel pig (pig with wings and a halo), some sort of stick man on a paper airoplane and the bunny girls from the first game are now at your disposal.

The enemies and stages are wackier than ever, the first stage is a giant crane machine where you fight a giant panda in a tutu, the next stage is a water world were you fight the pirate cat ship and a mermaid that attacks you with her laughter, giant "HO HO HO HO HO!" come at you, and then dessert! Yep the whole level takes place inside a cake, and then to burn some calories you enter a wacky race. Well you get the idea...

It's a shame the rest of the series never made it here, like the Tokimeki Memorial parody Parodius For Ever With Me and Sexy Parodius, which isn't a hentai game even with a name like that...
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