Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

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Feeling better....

I'm feeling much better today, my sister's B-day went well, we went to an oriental restaurant and ate pretty well despite my loss of apetite...

Man, did we buy all that stuff for her? What a lot of cook books! Ooooh, BIG SHINY cook books! She sure was happy!

Man, I just realized World or Warcraft is out this Friday in Europe, I hope my eye sight is better by then...

I also hope I get my Collector's Edition, even though I pre-ordered it, I've heard that they were out one hour after being out for pre-order, yet it wasn't for pre-order in Spain until a month later...

My brother in law hasn't preordered it yet he still has high hopes, and who ever find a copy first will call the other...

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