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.... DHL does it again


Previous Entry .... DHL does it again Aug. 13th, 2007 @ 12:39 pm Next Entry
It's been nearly a week...

Apparently my DHL courier thinks I live next door, and the guy who lives next door is on vacation.... I keep calling DHL and telling them that he's trying to send it to the wrong address, and he leaves the paper for the wrong address EVERY DAY!

I'm usually a nervous, but calm, kitty, rainbows and unicorns person, but postal notices make me... go postal!

For a moment I was thinking of sitting in front of the building with a DS and wait for the guy, but I thought of a more rational idea! I'll just put a sticker on the doorbell where he leaves the notice that says something like " I LIVE ON "X" not "Y" DHL guy!"...

And I think it's a bunch of comics I ordered from Amazon... I hope it's my Flight comics! And I certainly hope this idea will work!
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