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Previous Entry DAMN YOU, DHL! Aug. 9th, 2007 @ 03:18 pm Next Entry
I don't know who, but someone is trying to send me a package through DHL....

Yesterday I was awake pretty early but went to the post office, I didn't see anything when I got back, but a few hours later a neighbor told me a had a notice from DHL...

Some postal worker lie about the hours, and some don't even bother to ring the bell, so I just called and asked them to deliver it tomorrow, which is today.

I decided that I'd play on my Wii in the living room making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to not hear the door bell ring, although I hear perfectly anyway, but I wanted to play safe...

Lunch time was getting close so I went to check if the normal postman had left me something, When I saw that the DHL had left the paper on my door....

WHAT THE HELL!? This time I was right next to the door the whole day, the deliver man HAD to do something wrong and just left the paper without ringing...

And now they claim to have tech problems, and to call them later,  which they've said for the last few times I called them...

Sigh, the worst part is that I don't even know what the package is or who it's from!
Current Mood: angryangry
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Date:August 9th, 2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
NEMESIIIIIIIS!!! ( >o<)"q"
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