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I had to go to and work and forgot about some things...

Last night, I accidentally "woke up" my Furby... And I couldn't remember how to turn it off or find the instruction booklet... GAH! He wouldn't shut up! I had to turn on my PC, and google for how to turn it off... Man, it was pretty complicated...

More "funny" stuff that happened to me...

I love bread sticks, and I found a bag of what appeared to be whole wheat ones, but they were mild laxatives and I ate way too many...Guess what happened next?

I played a little Neverwinter Nights as an EVIL mage, and so far so good, or should I say "bad"? But it's too soon to say if I can stay evil...

I also played a little Lemonade Tycoon 2, and I believe it has become more complex, it's better, but harder, maybe too hard?
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