Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Who would win a fight between "X" and "Y"?

One of the things that always bothered me is how some people MUST know if a certain character could beat another character up...

The thing with fictional characters is that they are, well... fictional!

And their fates lay in the hands of their writers, they could lose or win to just about anybody!

An average Joe could beat Superman, specially since it seems you can get kryptonite just about anywhere, even in your cereal! That guy might have found a shiny crystal, and made into a ring without even knowing what it is...

It doesn't matter what, you can always find a way to win a fight in fiction, even if it's just a Deus Ex Machina!

So, the next time somebody asks you something like this, tell them "Who ever the writer wants to win.". And if they say "Well, imagine if they were real" or  "No,  seriously, you have to choose",  you must insist that even a normal ant can defeat Godzilla if you just think about it a little...

Here's a fun exercise! Think of the most powerful character you know of and the least powerful, and then think of several ways of how the weaker one can win! :3
Tags: geekery

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