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Previous Entry POKEMANS! YAY! Jul. 26th, 2007 @ 05:43 pm Next Entry
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl finally came out in Europe! YAY! :3

And after a few hours I finally reached the part when I got my Friend Code! I got Pearl, by the way!

0945 9549 0567

Yeah, I know, you guys have had the game for ages, but it would be cool to trade and such...

I'm hoping the Spanish edition will allow me to trade with non Spanish gamers, if not I'm SOOO going to return it, even if they just give me 50% back!

And I guess the best way to actually do this is instant message me, or viceversa...  Unless there is a better way to know when your friends are online?

I'm wondering when can I use Pal Park and use Pokemon ranger to get the Manaphy thing? =P
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