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I've made some calculations and not only can I afford an iPod Mini, but I could afford a PDA too!

Of course to do so, I'll have to cut down on games... GASP!

I could buy the iPod right now, but... My sister MIGHT go on vacation to the US where she could get it cheaper, but she won't know if she will go there for sure till the end of this month...

Speaking of MP3 players I managed to get my GP32 to play MP3s, but I could only store 34 songs, which was just enough to make folding paper bearable, and coincidentally the batteries died when the songs ended. I guess I could manage for quite a while with the GP32 until I get an iPod...

I wonder what kind of PDA I can get for 300€? I have till the end of the month to find a good bargain...
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