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Third times a charm & not good at being bad....

I think I've installed most of the essential programs, nows it's just a matter of time and noticing their missing, like noticing I don't have Office installed yet because I can't open Excell spreadsheets...

Since it's boiling hot today I went to the mall to change a game for the second time, the first time the serial wasn't printed completey and the 2nd time it seemed right, but alas, it wasn't, but finally this one worked!

While I was there I browsed the PDAs and iPods... OOOOOHH! Shiny!!!! I really really want an iPod!

Since my hard drive is devoid of games, it's time to install the "essentials"...

Mine are usually the Sim games (Sim Ant, Sim Farm...), old adventure games, Warcraft and Starcraft, among others...

But I've decided I'll install Neverwinter Nights Deluxe Pack and finally play as a bad guy... Why? Because the Nigromant has to be "evil", and I just love Nigromants! I've never been EVIL evil in a game before, sure I've killed and done unspeakable stuff in games, but that is because the character can't do anything else! In Neverwinter Nights, your character will become evil or good depending on it's actions...

I'm not how to even start, do I simply talk harshly and be mean? Do I kill the innocent? I'll figure it our somehow...

Oh, well back to installing programs and soon... videogames!

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