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An idea?

First I must thank all of you who helped get over the person who hazed me, I feel much better now! :3

But it did make me think, and I think I should change one tiny thing that should hopefully help me learn more about pixel art and improve my skills...

There isn't a way to learn pixel art, you just do it, but since normal artists start off by drawing fruits and such I though that one day of the week, Sundays probably, I should make it a day of randomness..

I'll pick a random item from my home and pixelify it, or maybe I do something random like the ballerina penguin?

What I don't know is if I pick a random item to pixelfy, is if I'll animate it or give it a face...

So.. what do you think? Is it a good idea or a bad idea? Would really mind if you saw a normal, possibly non-animated item once a week?

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