Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Mail Call! Also... secret perler project!

Finally, I got something in the mail! I got what I won from the irrimiri guest strip contest! I love the print! :3
Since it's on glossy photo paper, I guess it would be a better idea to hang it like a poster instead of framing and putting on the wall...
I'm almost out of space there!  XP

I also got Doug Tennapel's Iron West and Eledees! And I got a ton of perler beads today! I'm converting some of fanart into perler creations as presents! I want to show them off, but.... I also want it to be a surprise! And I know some of these who will get the presents read my journal... Hmm... what to do!

Funny thing, I just noticed that about this time last year I also had a secret project that some of you might remember! ;)
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