Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Misguieded fandom..

In case you didn't know I come from a gaming background, I wouldn't call me a hardcore gamer, because it's seems hardcore gamers play games that are shiny but shallow, frustrating, long, and everything I hate in games, but I am a gamer and I will probably be always a gamer.

I recently noticed something that bothered me about gamers, I noticed that some gamers called me their hero, just because I have lots of games or for having a certain game, which doesn't make sense, would you think someone is worship worthy because they have every lots of comics, or because they read a certain one? No! At most, you'll think someone is cool for reading the same stuff as you!

I sometimes post in the Nintendo Spain forums with quirky Nintendo finds, like Nintendo cakes and such, and they think I'm some sort of super star and talk to me with MSN messanger and ask for more "Nintendoddities". This is like worshiping the guy who dugg a story instead of the person who actually made the news....

The more I think of it, the more it disturbed me... Until it hit me! I know why gamer fanboys worship people with lots of games or people who blog about games!

I'll use the comic fan / game fan comparison to make it clear, since I'm pretty sure everybody here reads comics.

Here's a little experiment, try to contact your favorite comic author. In these recent weeks, I've emailed several of my favorite authors asking about cons, commissions, congratulating them, etc, etc... Almost every single one of them replies, most of them promptly! :3

Now, contact your favorite game maker.... Do you know the person responsible for the last game you enjoyed? Do you know how to contact them? Have you ever met them in person?

See what I'm getting at? Fans need to geek out! When you can't fanboy (or fangirl) over someone you must find someone else on which to do so!

Hmm, I wonder if it's the same case with Otakus who think bloggers who live in Japan are worship worthy too?

I dunno, am I making sense or it the coffee and sugar talking? :P

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