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Spectrobes... An obvious Pokémon clone, and some much... less

I guess the SEGA userpic will be used for gaming until I make a better one...

I originally started this LJ to talk about games, something I rarely do unless I talk about Pac-Pedro or Kilt Huntin'...

But I do believe I should talk about Spectrobes, it's basically Pokémon... IN SPACE! They try to get even more of your money with some card system to unlock new Spectrobes, which isn't necessary since all you do is tap in a certain sequence. Did they really think nobody could "crack" this? I just looked at a photo of a card and got the item at my first try!

But I must talk about the game itself, you dig up Spectrobes and raise them, and fight with the older ones. Sounds fun? It isn't! Digging gets tedious VERY fast, and you'll fed up of digging up Spectrobes and minerals to feed them. This isn't like Pokémon were a certain types can never defeat another certain type, so you can simply keep the Spectrobes you get from the starts of the cards you get from the game, and just.... fight...

Fighting! YES! That must be fun, right? Wrong again! The battle system is a mess, the Spectrobes just follow you around so you must approach the enemy, and when one of the Spectrobes is near an enemy hit a button before it moves away. This gets annoying even faster than digging....

If you live in country were Pokémon isn't out yet and were thinking this might be a good game to make the wait easier or someone who has it and beat it, and want more, forget about this game!
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