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Lemonade Tycoon Mini Review

I don't much to tell you today, so I'll start the review...

Have you ever played a management game before? If not, then this game is perfect to introduce into these kind of games! And if you've already played one, you'll probably like it too!

The first thing you'll notice is how small the game is, that is because this game is "portable", you can play the same game on your PC, PDA or Pocker PC, and even transfer the saved games between them...

You'll also notice that the graphics are colorful yet minimalist, of course this is due to the portability, the graphics are good for PDA game though, an OLD PDA game that is. But watching the little people walk around is rather hypnotic! The music is minimal too, just a small tune and the sound of cashing in, some of you might feel like turning it off!

The game is easy enough to learn but not so easy to master, you just need enough supplies to start the day and try not to lose money!
You'll soon notice that sales will change depending on the weather, and you'll have to change the recipe according to how hot the day will be. Then you'll notice that you have to pay attention to the news, since sometimes they give you vital information. For example, if there is a shark infestation at the beach, it's not a good idea to work there that day...

Did I say beach? Well, you see you can open your lemonade stand in different parts of the city, your own street being free, while the other are more expensive depending on the zone, being the mall the most expensive since it has the biggest crowds and weather doesn't affect it.

You first objective will be acquiring upgrade for your lemonade stand, like a juicer to speed up the lemonade process or a cash register to speed up the lines.

The games is quite addictive, but it can be monotonous at some times, but then again most management games tend to be monotonous...

There are many demos of this game out there, you give it a try before you buy! It's not for everyone, but you just might have fun!
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