Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

OH NOES? Could it be?

It's official, Titus and Mal is the site to go if you want to see your comic insulted.... Unless you're Paul Southworth!

Hmm, did they read my Livejournal? They did mention two people on Livejournal, but I never said they sucked, I said that the comic will talk about how every other comic (Except Ugly Hill) sucks big time! And I didn't make fun of them, I just criticized them and used sarcasm!

But now they made a comic making fun of people who made fun of them for making fun of webcomics? My brain hurts....

The fact is I never find making fun of other people amusing, even when they deserve it..

I don't hate it or think the comic sucks, I just don't like their humor, the only comic I hate with passion is Line Item Vito, which makes sprite comics made by 5 years look like Eisner material!
Tags: webcomics

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