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Another scorcher...

Today it was actually painful to walk under the sun, the heat is bad enough, but the Sun feels like a millions mosquitoes biting my flesh!

Lately I've been thinking I might post mini review of indie, unknown or simply odd games, if memory serves me fell that my original intention for this blog, the title is a good hint...

I'll just put an LJ cut whenever I post one, not that anybody would ever want to hear about a game made by a few kids in their garage, but heck, I WANT to do this!

Maybe it will sharpen my reviewing skills? Who knows, but since today I ended another "indie" game so maybe I'll try to review it tomorrow?

Besides, if I make an extra long review, less people will read it and the less time I will have to play other games....

Oh well, I'm to bed! Let's see if I can finish Monstrous Regiment tonight!
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