Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Oh joy...

Recently a comic on hiatus started insulting other comics and making overly harsh and unjustified criticisms...

Guess what? They decided to make a webcomic about webcomics, kinda like Checkerboard Nightmare but instead of being poking fun in a "Ha ha, you guys rock, I'm a fan" way I'm sure it will be "You suck, DIE you worthless worm!" even though their first and only strip is about how much they love Paul Southworth.... In a very creepy way!

They'll also make fun of obese cosplayers! Wow! This sure sounds like Eisner material, right? ¬_¬

For the love of Zod! Please tell me someone else has the stomach to read this just for the sake of the Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive! If not, I'll feel obligated to read just to tip Hogan about all the cameos...

I myself hate to haze a webcomic, specially when it's new, but knowing the comic it was spawned from, it can be nothing but trouble!
Tags: webcomics
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