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This is just... wrong!


Previous Entry This is just... wrong! Jun. 2nd, 2007 @ 06:34 pm Next Entry
Remember when I thought about making perler art out of game sprites to make some quick cash, but realized it wouldn't be the right thing to do?


Someone is not only doing this, but taking it to the next step!

This guy has something called BitKits, which ARE Pelrer beads, but he's selling just enough beads for making the game sprite instead of a completed art piece. I assume he's giving out the pattern, but a bag cost 2$ and comes with 1000 beads of a certain color or of several and he sells the kit for FOUR bucks, and then sells the boards, ironing paper and glue (for the magnet) separately!

So basically he's trying to see if there are any gamers out there who are willing to buy this, this sounds kinda wrong to me, making a profit out of someone else's work, but he's overcharging for the beads, so that makes it VERY wrong!

Which reminds me, one of these days I should make perler art of my OWN ORIGINAL art and see if I can sell that, that I can sell with a clear conscience! :P
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