Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Wondering about Wacoms.... and Water damage!

Lately I've been thinking about how a Wacom might help me with my pixel art. I know it will probably not help much with the usual 50*50 pixels ones I try to do each day, but...

From want I've seen in pixel tutorials, for bigger art, they simple make a doodle and... pixel trace it? Which is were the Wacom enters the scene.

The thing is I don't know anything about Wacom tablets, so I kinda need to know which one is best suited for me.

I probably won't do anything bigger than 800*800, or maybe 500 * 500... I dunno....

What do you guys think? Should I give it a go? What model would you suggest for a newbie that wouldn't do anything too big?

In other news, it's raining like crazy over here! It hasn't stopped in days! And for the first time in my life, I've seen things ruined by water (not counting the stuff that got ruined in Bristol)!

Trees knocked over, big branches dangling precariously over my head, and minor flooding! With my OWN eyes! In my own neighborhood! To you guys this might not seem noteworthy but this is Spain, we get so little rain we almost forget what it looks like! Which probably explains why we are so ill-prepared for it....
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