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Amongst all this Marvel sexist talk, one thing has gone unnoticed...

It's may be old news by now, but you probably all heard about the whole Mary Jane statue debacle, but one of the defenders said something I haven't seen nearly nobody mention....

Something I must point out, because I really think it should.

This guy said:

I enjoy the Indie stuff (SiP and Lenore) but without Spider-man, X-Men and other comics, they wouldn't exist.


*sarcasm on*  Oh YES! You're right! You can see Marvel's influence in Roman Dirge's work! It's almost like ready a superhero comic! Forget the fact that he has probably never read a Marvel comic, simply knowing the fact that they existed made him want to make comics!

Asterix, Tintin, Corto Maltes, all the wacky Europeans are just Marvel wannabes! And Japan? We all know people like Akira Toriyama, Naoko Takeuchi and others were influenced by US, not those silly comics called "manga"!

Just take a look at the world of webcomics! Every single webcomic is a superhero wannabe, right? It's not like they have their OWN orignal ideas and stories! MARVEL HAS ALL THE COOL IDEAS! *sarcasm  off*


Claiming that indie comics wouldn't exist if Marvel didn't is like saying if "Ug the Thwomper" didn't invent the wheel, they NOBODY ELSE in the whole wild world would never thought of that idea...

Sure, the world of comics would be different if Marvel didn't exist, but it would STILL EXIST!

When ever I hear some of my favorites authors influences in an interview, I never hear a Marvel comic being one of them..

There are a few thing that only exist thanks to a certain person, but most ideas and invention would be thought up by someone else if the original creator didn't exist.... That's logical... A fact even! And that's all I'm going to say before I really start to ramble....
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