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Budget Bin Raid! RAR!

I went to mall to check out the TFT monitors, and while I was at it I raided the budget bin, it's starting to become a monthly tradition, you know? He, he...

Apart from some old games for 2€, like Theme Hospital, and budget "indie" games. For once I actually got a game that is labeled as one of the worst ever, by Something Awful's standard, from the budget bin of course, I was beginning to wonder if there would be a game I really hated, consider it a dare if you must. In any case, maybe I might like it like a B movie, if it's bad funny and not simply horrid...
Some old Atari games fall under this category, you Atari fans know which I mean...

In the end I found a perfect TFT monitor for me, affordable and decent, and easy enough to carry home...

SWEET MOTHER OF MOTHRA! I didn't think the difference would be that big!

The first thing I saw was this, which I recommend you see as well, then I checked out Wapsi and some other sites and just gawked... WOAH!

I just gotta try out a game with this new screen!

The few downsides? My plush monsters don't fit on top of it, well some do, but they cover part of the screen. And I can't put any stickers on the space left. But I don't mind...
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