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UK "Con"-parisons (UK Thing, BICS and Bristol Comic Expo)

I've decided to compare my UK con experiences so I can decide which will be the con I'll try to do regularly.


London: I HATE @#$%ing London! Not only is it more expensive than the other cities, but it's WAY TOO BIG! It took me FIVE HOURS to get from Gatwick to my hotel (without getting lost) and it takes over an hour to get anywhere so I never had time to anything I wanted! Is the public transport always this horrid? I bought a suitcase full of comics and and more than enough time read all of them before the trip ended!

Birmingham: It was SOOOO cold I got ill, but I won't hold it against them, everything was in a walking distance and I enjoyed the city a lot, even though I had to spend most of the trip inside because I had the plague and it was too cold for me outside... My favorite town and not only because of Cadbury World! :P

Bristol: It felt a lot like Birmingham, everything was in a walking distance, but it was a lot more scenic, but there wasn't much to do there...

So my favorite town is Birmingham and my least favorite is London...


Etap Airport London: A bit of a dump and lots of noise since it's next to the airpot, but the people where nice. They don't have enough staff though, so you might have to wait a long time to get some service... I'll probably avoid if I can find a closer one to the con.

Nite Nite Birmingham: A capsule hotel of sort, obviously the room is tiny, but it's almost luxurious, they didn't seem to have a restaurant, then again, I felt too ill to leave my room, but I should have noticed it. I would probably use it again.

Ibis Bristol: People said the parking sucks, but since I didn't have a car, I loved the hotel, the room was very nice, the restaurant was better than I expected. My only problem was that the security officer kept trying to practice his horrid Spanish with me, and the clerk, for some strange reason, though I couldn't speak English and asked for a translator...


UK Thing: OH MY GOD! I love this con! Everybody there was worth meeting! Everybody was awesome! My only regret is that it only lasts a day...

BICS: A nice convention, and my first UK one, but frankly most of the interesting people there do the other con, so I probably won't go there again.

Bristol Comics Expo: It seems to me that's it's biggest con in the UK? I was lots of fun, but everybody I met there (except for Jennie) I had already met at the other cons...

So.... My favorite con is the UK thing, which is probably the one I'll try to do each year. Yes, it's only ONE day, but in all the other cons I spend the second day going to the local comic shop and then saying goodbye to the people I've met. So I don't really need the second day actually...

I probably won't meet the people of Markosia or Accent UK at the UK thing, but they both have an online store for their stuff....

I might do the Bristol Comic expo if there is ever a decent direct flight to Bristol, the company I used charged me a fortune for my sports bag full of comics, so why go to comic convention if I have to restrict myself on what to buy?

In a perfect world, the UK thing would be in Birmingham... Or Cadbury World in London, with less sucky transport)...
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