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OH @#$%! Comic crisis?

I had heard that in the U.S. stamps where 2 cents more expensive, since I buy issues through Comic Outpost, I knew it would affect me, but....

This is worse than I expected! They are phasing out those flat rate USPS envelopes which are the ones the owner uses for shipping my stuff! At least he was nice enough to warn me and fortunately he still has a few of the envelopes lying around, but it got me thinking...

Is there a better way for me to get my issues? I can get trade paperbacks and graphic novels easily, but not the normal issues...

Speaking of comics, it's Spring cleaning time, so I expect to kick out some webcomics which I no longer care about, to make room (or to be exact TIME) for newer comics (or comics new to ME). I already deleted some RSS feeds which stopped updating a while ago...
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