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Bristol Comic Expo 2007!


Previous Entry Bristol Comic Expo 2007! May. 14th, 2007 @ 10:38 pm Next Entry
I just HAD to start it with a pun!

Superman does not approve of the name of this street! XP

The first thing I saw (after picking a bag of free swag with toys and comics) was Studio Blink Twice! This is the awesomely talented Lorenzo, the artist behind the awesome Malcolm Magic which just ended, but do not fret! We know have Moon! Or at least sketchbooks of it... :P

After that I met James Turner of Beaver and Steve and John Mayburry Of The Erotic adventures of Space Babe (she has sentinent panties, tee hee!)

After that I went to meet Jennie!!! SQUEEE! I made her some perler art of the Angel, Devil and Lil' Princess Jennie, and I gave her chocolate!

And of course, there are the fabled flame boots OF DOOM! And you can she the chocolates I gave her! ;)

Jennie has the coolest fans!

Another fan gave Jennie these cool gauntlets!

Of course, I couldn't leave without taking my photo with Jennie!

TMComics (the pirate cat girl) from the forums and a friend!

Some of the awesome guys from Silent Devil!

Jenika of Neptune Factory! I made her a Perler Micia! VISIT HER SITE..... NOW!

She made me a little Micia drawing! Did I mention she has a very awesome comic? ;)

This is Jimmy Bott, who worked on Half Dead, a Marvel Comic with zombies, so I HAD to buy it! :3

My first furry sighting! She was promoting a furry comic!

It's against the law to have a comic convention without Storm Troopers!

Rorschach of Watchmen!

Black Cat! But where's Spidey? :P


Obligatory Cat Girl 213! There were tons of cat girls, but I only took this pic...

A soldier from Aliens, you can see a bit of a plush Alien in his hands! :3

I think she works for Titan comics, but..... DUDE! HER T-SHIRT HAS LIGHTS THAT MOVE! X3

This is Sally-Anne Hickman, her journal comics inspired Karen Ellis to do Planet Karen!

A comic about zombies! What more can you ask for? Well... Maybe you could ask for the comic to have actual zombies in it! They'd better have some in issue #2!

About this time my backpack was FULL, so I returned to the hotel and got back for more comic goodness!

This is Zoë Stead, she does a comic on Drunk Duck, has Devianart site, and wrote a book which I'm half way through and I'm loving every minute of it! :3

I was basically making time until I had to meet up with the rest of the Devil's Pantie's fans and hang out with Jennie, so I returned to the hotel and mainly tried to get a few cool cosplay pics!

She's dressed as Lara Croft. I was the only one who guess what she was dressed up as... :(


After that I just waited outside with the other fans...

After the day is over, people aren't that cooperative for photos, there was a big groups and only these guys stayed when I asked for a photo...

And then.... We went out with Jennie! YAY!

After walking a lot we ended up eating at Wetherspoons....

In the lower photo you can see TMComics in the middle and Rapscallion on the right. Unfortunately the pasta I ordered has jalapeños in it, and my hiatal hernia made me suffer a bit...

After the dinner, Jennie needed sleepies and so did I!

On day 2... I basically went to Forbidden Planet to get Finder and some Doug Tennapel comics, and then to Explote@Bristol, a science museum for kids that was quite fun (I'll post a link to ALL my photos at the end!)

There wasn't much else to do on Sunday... It's seems that Sunday is the day kiddies visit since there where giving away Dandies and Beanos and toys! I took tow and gave one to Jennie. She really wanted one! :P

The final pic of the con, Jennie after the con was over!

And then I watched Spider-Man 3 at night!

And now.... My loot, my booty, my comicy goodness even!


A present from Jenika for my perler present!

Plush Owlie!

Jennie Swag and some Dandy toys! :3

Ok.... That's it for the photo report! You see a few more at my Flicker account, or higher resolution versions of these pics with this tag, or the more touristy pics with this tag!

And now, would give a damn if I did a mini review of some of the comics I got? When I get to read them, that is! :P
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Date:May 15th, 2007 12:20 am (UTC)


The guy who did Owly was at my school graphic novel thing a while back and then he was at the baltimore convention too.

I wish I didn't have school so that I could go to all these conventions! :(
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Date:May 16th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)

Re: Owly

Oh! I didn't know you had an LJ! :3

I'd like to meet Andy Runton one day...
[User Picture Icon]
Date:May 16th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)

Re: Owly

Heh, I kinda forgot that I had one. I don't update it as often as my dA one. ^^;

He's a really nice guy :3
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Date:May 15th, 2007 02:27 am (UTC)
HOLY SHIT! I have the same PPG shirt that Jennie has! EEEEEEE~!
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Date:May 15th, 2007 05:12 am (UTC)
Wow, glad you had a great time. So many cute girls, so many talented artists, so many cool costumes, so many comics, so many... :D
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Date:May 15th, 2007 08:40 am (UTC)
thats brilliant thank you :)
(Deleted comment)
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Date:May 16th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
I'm loving it so far, but now that I'm back to work I don't know when I'll have time to read the rest of it... :(
[User Picture Icon]
Date:May 15th, 2007 04:22 pm (UTC)
"Superman does not approve of the name of this street"...heh.

That reminds me...I need to do an update on my journal about Anime Central.
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Date:May 15th, 2007 10:20 pm (UTC)
Wow that looks so much cooler/geekier than a dutch comic con.
[User Picture Icon]
Date:May 16th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
Yeah, all the cons in the UK are better than the one in Spain too!
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Date:June 3rd, 2007 12:11 am (UTC)
*Black Cat! But where's Spidey? :P*

he came on sunday and I kick his ass for being late:p
[User Picture Icon]
Date:June 3rd, 2007 09:52 am (UTC)
You were Black Cat? Cool!

On Sunday I barely took any photos, I know I missed a few good ones, but there were many I saw afar but couldn't find again...
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Date:June 3rd, 2007 12:05 pm (UTC)
yep thats me, I was bored last night, so I started to look for pic's from Bristol Comic Expo on google.

I broke my camera >.< so I couldn't take any pics
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