Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Bristol bound! The final countdown!

This is likely to be the last post I make from this PC until I return... Unless I make a final post tomorrow a few moments before I leave!

I have DS Browser, so I can surf and blog, but I doubt I'll blog too much, typing with the stylus takes a lot time... :P

I might just Twitter instead...

This is the typical "Did I forget something?" post I make before leaving, but I'm sure I'm prepared...

I have the DS fully charged, and Picross and Harvest Moon to play on it, not to mention the DS browser to surf. I have my cell phone, digital camera and iPod fully charged too! The iPod has TWO Podiobooks and a film from Cult of UHF, so I'll be well entertained!

I also have a few Blue Monday comics to read while I wait until they let you use gadgets on the plane...

As for my main "Inventory", I have more than enough clothes, just in case, an umbrella, a backpack to carry the comics I buy, with a folder to carry prints which now has presents for Jennie and Jenika. I have Vitman C gummi drops and other medicine I need or might need if the plague monkey comes over to pay a visit, not to mention those baby towels thing to clean my hands.

I have a map with a circle on the places I want to visit, and it seems they are all about 20 minutes from each, which works fine for me! I also have reservations for the hotel, plane and comic expo...

And obviously money! It's not like they are going to give me comics for free! :P

Although I do wonder if I should bring a comic for Jennie to sign just in case she doesn't have any for sale that's signable...

I guess that's it? Oh well, wish me luck! :3
Tags: bristol comic expo

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